Our Mission & Purpose

We are the source for optimal health and healing.

Our mission is not only to get you to feel better, but we are laser focused on improving your life. We accomplish this successfully through an extensive examination and by utilizing the latest and greatest in pain relief and health care services available.

Most patients agree we conduct the "most thorough examination" they have ever had from any doctor, addressing the entire spine as a whole. We have two aims:

  1. To inspire you to reach your true health potential.
  2. To teach you about what health and healing is all about.

We want you to be as excited as we are to share your path to ideal health and wellness with the rest of the community. That's how we roll.

Our Clinical Expertise

You won't get greater clinical expertise from any spine-focused practice in Georgia. That's a bold statement that we back up with hours spent on research and continuing education. Our protocols are the most researched in chiropractic. We even do research ourselves, some of which gets published in scientific journals to bring you the greatest potential for a full and speedy recovery. Our practice utilizes the latest information on spinal biomechanics in the world to help you get the best results in the shortest possible time.