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Connie FConnie F (Marathon Runner) - "I came to Complete Spine Solutions to help me with pain in my lower back, legs and neck. I am a runner and my aches and pains were affecting the way I run. After several treatments I was able to run longer and with less pain. I am finally getting back to normal and able to continue my active lifestyle. I am halfway through my treatment and I have noticed so many positive changes, such as I no longer have numbness in my arms when I sleep and my neck pains are completely gone. No more crackling when I turn to look in a different direction! I am so glad I finally did something to help myself feel better!"

.RStudewell Cropped

DR. REGINA STUDWELL (College Professor, Retired):
"Many people do not know where to go when they are hurting. Should I go to my GP ? or to an Internist? Surgeon? Physical Therapist? How can I decide? Well, hold on! You missed one. Perhaps, you didn’t know there is a doctor close by that can give you relief from pain, stress, and anxiety. I know I didn’t know. But, now I do and I want to share with you. My son was a patient of Dr. Shapiro at his office on Brockett Rd. in Tucker, Ga. He recommended I go there to address many physical issues that were plaguing me.

Dr. Shapiro and his staff are beautifully skilled in Chiropractic and the art of swift, natural pain relief, as well as in improvement of the structure of the spine. I am so glad and proud to announce to you how well I feel now and how eager I am to attend my treatments. I look better, I feel better, I stand better, I walk better, and the stress that was written all over my face is gone. Do yourself a favor and look no further for relief. You’ll be glad you did.

JSimmons picJ Simmons Posture Before  amp  After

Leg pain and difficulty walking and standing, GONE!

Trouble sleeping, leg numbness, difficulty standing, neck pain and shoulder pain dramatically improved!

A Ray

G Parn Before  amp  After Posture

3 Months of Postural Correction Resutls:

Rib cage & hips balanced over feet = less stress on lower back and hips

Reduced forward head posture = less stress from neck & upper back

Norm G - Immediate, personal, professional service. There's no waiting. But if there ever is, it's not like a waiting room with magazines. It's more like Disney World with "rides"that cure what ails you. Read More

Verified Customer - "So far it has been good and very holistic. They explain what is going on and work on strengthening muscles to correct posture plus adjustment to correct posture.

If they also did deep tissue massage to unlock muscles to complement the treatment, I think it would be the most perfect business model possible for a back clinic."

"But is still the best Chiropractic clinic I've attended.

I am looking forward to seeing the long term improvement after 6 months to a year that I need so badly. This is my last resort before surgery, so hopefully I never need to do that." Read More

Verified Customer - "The entire staff was friendly and very detailed with explaining what I should do and what to expect from my visit." Read More

Verified Customer - "Wonderful staff and service! Helped alleviate my pain tremendously after a car accident." Read More

Verified Customer - "CSS was very informative. They not only diagnose your problems but they explain to you in understandable terms so that you can begin working on correcting the problem." Read More

Brenda R - "The CSS teams are a very kind, caring and sincere groups. I am glad they are there, especially in time of need. They hear what you are trying to tell them about your pains, and help you to understand the pains you are experience, and how to help in relieving the pressure. Knowing that your "Body is a Temple", and it does need reinforcement at time, in order to stand strong. Thank CSS, for being there." Read More

Regina S - "OMG! I'm not limping and the pain in my right hip gone. I feel much less fragile than when I first came in. I am delighted." Read More

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